Which Cars Are Available In Zoomcar?

What is Zoomcar without fuel?

Without Fuel self drive rental option Now Zoomcar has introduced a without fuel pricing, in addition to conventional with fuel option.

This without fuel option is about Rs 3-4 cheaper per km, but unfortunately still comes with same usage limit and excess km charges..

What is insta pay in Zoomcar?

Instapay is enabled for the complete subscription tenure assuring a hassle free payment experience. … Security deposit once paid, is non-refundable in case the user chooses to cancel the Zoomcar Subscription before delivery or if the user terminates without serving the notice period.

Is there Zoomcar in Goa?

Zoomcar Self Drive Car Fees Policy in Goa | Zoomcar.

What is the speed limit in Zoomcar?

80 km/hr.ZoomCar has a speed limit of 80 km/hr. And most of their cars comes with Speed Governor which will restrict your speed to maximum of 80 km/hr. Even if the Speed Governors are not installed in your ZoomCar, it is always recommended to not cross 80 km/hr. ZoomCar can fine you for breaking their policy.

Is Zoomcar available in Pune?

Self Drive Car Rentals in Pune | Rent a Car | Car Hire @ Zoomcar. We offer doorstep delivery anywhere in the city.

Is Zoomcar available in Hubli?

Self Drive Car Rentals in Hubli| Rent a Car | Car Hire @Zoomcar.

Are Car subscriptions worth it?

Consumers love subscriptions over ownership because there’s much more flexibility, convenience, and easier access to products and services. … While car subscription services aren’t typically the most affordable option for potential car buyers, the valuable perks oftentimes make the slightly higher cost worth a shot.

How does Zoomcar pricing?

A Car for Every Need Price Starting at ₹ 70/hr (Fuel free!) Price Starting at ₹ 95/hr (Fuel free!) Price Starting at ₹ 240/hr (Fuel free!) Price Starting at ₹ 100/hr (Fuel free!)

What is free kms in Zoomcar?

Each package provides a different amount of free kms (5, 10, or 15 free kms per hour). This means that our customers can always choose the right package for the amount of driving planned. If it’s a multi-day trip over a short distance, then Zoom Lite (5 kms/hr) is your best bet.

What is inconvenience fee in Zoomcar?

If for any reason, the period for which the car is not returned to you is greater than 24 hours, you shall have the option of getting: an inconvenience fee of ₹300/day, or. a replacement vehicle of similar class free of charge, for the duration Zoomcar is not able to return your car.

Is Zoomcar profitable?

Zoomcar said that it has turned EBITDA profitable in the month of December 2017, and the company’s revenues grew over 40% in the year 2017. As of now vehicle via ZAP model contributes 25% of Zoomcar’s inventory with around 800 cars. …

Can I drop Zoomcar at different city?

Zoomcar’ s new one-way intercity self-service allows a customer to travel from point A to point B which will enable customers to pick up a car from Zoomcar location from one city and drop it off to another city at a Zoomcar location.

What is Zoomcar subscription?

ZAP Subscribe is an extension of the existing ZAP program and it enables individuals to subscribe to new or existing cars at a fixed monthly fee. … When the car is idle, one can save on the subscription fee by sharing it on Zoomcar with other users.

Does Zoomcar have automatic cars?

Now, you can hire an Auto-rickshaw for Self-drive from Zoomcar. … Customers will be allowed to drive the auto only for 30 minutes for one booking. Although the website and app currently allows the customers to book for a minimum of 4 hours, the price (Rs 10/hr) has been adjusted to account for it.

How do you buy a car from Zoomcar?

There is a smarter way to own a car. Buy it on ZAP, powered by Zoomcar. Drive it when you need, when idle you can share it with verified Zoomcar customers using the ZAP App and save up to 20,000 every month. Register on ZAP to know more.

Is fuel free in Zoomcar?

We have kept our pricing policy simple and transparent. When you book a Zoomcar, the prices always include the fuel. Even if you are refueling during your trip, just fill up and keep the receipt, and we will refund that amount. … If you drive within 240 KMs, there is no extra charge.

How do I get my money back from Zoomcar?

Refunds Process Differs From Case-To-Case, Says Zoomcar According to the Zoomcar’ refund policy, the process of refunds can range between one day to 10 days depending on the mode of payment. Usually, payments made through credit card, debit card and credit card can take between a week to 10 days.

How do I get Zoomcar?

How Zoomcar WorksBook. Search for and book a car on our site!Upload License. Upload your driver’s license, and pay a small security deposit.Unlock.Zoom. Fill the start checklist in the Zoomcar app.Return. Return the car to the same location and fill the end checklist to end your trip.

What happens if Zoomcar accident?

Your liability in the event of theft or accident to the vehicle is restricted to a maximum amount equal to ₹10,000/-. Zoomcar’s insurance handles the remainder. … Requesting customers to mark damages, if any, in the car at the time of taking it as well as returning it to Zoomcar.

What is the cost of Zoomcar per day?

99 per hour, Rs. 399 per day, and Rs. 6,999 for a month. According to Rajiv Vij, the Delhi-based CEO and Managing Director, Carzonrent, renting makes better sense than buying cars outright.

Is Zoomcar available now?

MUMBAI: Self-drive car rental platform, Zoomcar on Tuesday said it has resumed operations in as many as 35 cities spanning across various states in the country after the easing of lockdown restrictions. … We are delighted to be able to resume our operations in most cities in the country.