What Is Easy Card In Taiwan?

Which SIM card is best in Taiwan?

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest service provider in Taiwan, and I would recommend getting their SIM if you’re staying in Taiwan for 10 – 30 days, purely because their coverage is the best and the connection speeds are lightning fast.

Their internet download speeds average around 50mb/s..

In about a year’s time, Singaporeans will soon be able to use their EZ-Link to pay for transport and in retail shops in Taiwan. … The card, to be named Cross Border Combi Card, will allow payment for public transportation, admission tickets and even local attractions.

How do I refund my MRT card?

Just head on down to any TransitLink Ticket Office and you will receive a refund of the remaining travel value in the card. Please note that the $5 card cost paid during the purchase of the card is non-refundable.

Where can I refund my Taiwan airport EasyCard?

1. EasyCards can be refunded at all metro station information counters, the EasyCard Corporation, and the EasyCard Corporation Service Center. Foreign residents can get a refund by using a self-addressed, prepaid, EasyCard Corporation envelope, available at commissioned convenience stores.

Can use EasyCard for TRA?

*EasyCard can be used for all train services except tour trains, group trains, Taroko Express, Puyuma Express and other TRA designated trains (special and reserve seat services). EasyCard users enjoy a 10% discount on fares for traveling distance under 70 km.

Can I buy EasyCard at Taoyuan Airport?

Airport has 24 hour convenience stores in the basement levels where you can purchase Easycard.

Is easy card refundable?

The EasyCard is an unregistered card carrying a deposit value. A refund can only be obtained on the return of the card. EasyCard can be returned for a refund at the Information Counter of any Taipei Metro station or a EasyCard Corporation’s service center.

How do I check my Taiwan EasyCard balance?

Check the stored value of card at add-value machines/information booth at MRT stations or seek the assistance of cashier counter staff at convenience stores. The stored value of card will also be displayed when using card on buses, MRT, railway stations and convenience stores.

How much is MRT ride in Taipei?

A single-journey ticket costs between NT$30 and NT$160, depending on the distance. (Getting in and out of the same station is NT$30. The fare for taking Express Train and Commuter Train is the same.) A ride from the Taipei Main Station to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is NT$160.

How much does an easy card cost?

The cost of an EASY Card is $2. It may contain cash value starting at $10 or pass products: 1-Day Pass: $5.65. 7-Day Pass: $29.25.

Where can I top up my EasyCard in Taiwan?

Easycard Top Up Easycards can be topped up at: MRT Stations. Convenience Stores.

How much is easy card in Taiwan?

Easycard can be purchased at all MRT stations and convenience stores such as 7/11 or FamilyMart generally for NT$100, with the exception of limited issue cards with special designs which will be more expensive. Card are issued with no balance, so be sure to recharge the card with some credit after purchase.

Where can I buy easy card in Taiwan?

The cards are available at all Taipei Metro information counters, convenience stores (i.e. 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK mart) and EasyCard Service Centers.

Can I use EasyCard for HSR?

Passengers can use the enabled automatic value added co-branded EasyCard( Debit EasyCard is not available) to touch the sensor machine for passing through the gate, but it is not allowed to purchase the other types of tickets or to pay the excess fare with the EasyCard.