What Does Toyota OEM Mean?

Is OEM good or bad?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are built by the company that initially made the parts for the auto manufacturer.

The difference is that it doesn’t carry the manufacturer’s logo.

OEM parts are just as reliable as genuine parts, but you get them for a better value..

Who makes OEM Toyota struts?

They are indeed different. KYB makes Toyota-Lexus struts, but they are softer than the “KYB” that are for all cars. I had the Toyota (made by KYB) struts installed on my car and now the ride is soft and supple. The KYBs that came off of the car (installed 6 months ago by the previous owner) were gray struts.

What is OEM quality?

Quality component parts: OE, OER, OEM and ODM and what they mean. Summary: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most often, OEMs purchase parts from other manufacturers or suppliers and use them to assemble their finished products.

Is OEM the same as original?

An OEM refers to something made specifically for the original product, while the aftermarket refers to equipment made by another company that a consumer may use as a replacement.

Is OEM better than aftermarket?

OEM parts tend to be more expensive, but are easier to choose and usually are backed by a one-year warranty. Some aftermarket parts are equal to or better than the OEM part. If the price seems too good to be true, beware of poor quality parts.

Does AutoZone carry OEM parts?

If something is wrong with your vehicle, take a quick trip to AutoZone for any car, SUV, or truck auto parts you need. We carry both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OE performance. … Browse AutoZone’s parts catalog to find what you need to buy your auto parts online.

Is OEM product Fake?

OEM means original equipment manufacturer. Its “authentic “ as far as the same approved source the manufacturer uses. A manufacturer, in general, does not receive parts in the pretty commercial package. They are in bulk packaging.

Should you use OEM parts?

The difference is that OEM parts are made by and for the manufacturer of a vehicle, and aftermarket parts are similar, but not made by the manufacturer of a vehicle. OEM parts are designed exactly like the original parts put in your vehicle. … If you don’t know much about the parts in your car, OEM is a safer choice.

What are the best shocks for Toyota Tundra?

Latest 10 Best Shocks for Toyota Tundra Comparison TableBilstein Shock Kit 5100 Series. … Rancho Shocks Adjustable Shock. … Bilstein Shock Absorber 4600 Series. … Icon 2.0 Rear Pair Shocks. … Bilstein Front shock 24 -185387. … Bilstein 5100 Set Monotube Gas Shock. … Bilstein 4600 Shocks Monotube Gas. … Bilstein 24185394 Shock Absorber.More items…

What is OEM parts mean?

Original Equipment ManufacturerHere and everywhere else, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” So, OEM automotive components are the official, genuine parts produced directly by your vehicle’s maker.

How long do King shocks last?

King, Icon, Fox shocks are completely rebuildable. You will never have to replace the shock. You will need new seals and oil for the rebuild but that’s it. You will want to put fresh springs on your coilovers every 3 years or so but that is only if your really beating on your truck.

Are NAPA parts as good as OEM?

Not surprisingly, the auto manufacturers tend to buy their parts from the same name-brand parts manufacturers that Napa and other good parts suppliers use. … a name brand or store branded part will work just as well as the original OEM part.

How can you tell the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the parts are made by the same company that makes the vehicle. Meanwhile, aftermarket parts are produced by a different parts company and are often designed to be compatible with as many makes and/or models as possible.

What is the OEM brand for Toyota?

AisinAisin is the OEM manufacturer for Toyota. They are a Tier One supplier, but they may rebox/outsource some parts to other manufacturers you never know.

What brand of shocks does Toyota use?

Toyota might be using KYB excel-g as OEM but those shocks are optimized to the particular vehicle. Thats why we feel a smooth ride on OEM shocks, but when we fix any aftermarket KYB shocks we feel a stiff ride. So if you want a comfortable ride you should go for OEM shocks.

Where can I get OEM parts?

Where to purchase: Although you can purchase OEM parts online, most drivers simply go straight to the dealership for these parts. If you choose to have your vehicle repaired by a local mechanic, the shop might have access to OEM parts but will have to order them in most cases, prolonging the repair process.

How can you tell OEM parts?

OEMs are the same in quality as genuine Toyota parts. You can identify them from their company branding (not Toyota). Unlike genuine parts, these come in boxes branded in the name of the company that manufactured them. In terms of price, they are relatively cheaper as compared to genuine Toyota parts.

Why is OEM more expensive?

Only exclusivity agreements between the OEM and the specialized producer can prevent this, and exclusivity drives the price on exclusive parts even higher to make up for a lack of additional revenue for the producer from additional runs.

Is it OK to buy OEM products?

Buying or owning OEM products isn’t illegal, but the fact that they’re not meant to be sold to anyone other the original equipment manufacturer means that they may have been procured or gotten in an illegal manner. As such, partaking in OEM products could mean that you are supporting illegal market practices.