What Does Statutory Expiry Date Mean In Planning?

Do all planning applications go to committee?

Do all applications go to Planning Committee.


Most applications are decided by a senior planning officer unless an application is ‘called-in’ to Committee..

What is a major development in planning terms?

Major development is defined in planning as any development involving any one or. more of the following: • the winning and working of minerals or the use of land for mineral-working. deposits.

What is an agreed expiry date on a planning application?

Statutory expiry date The date we would make a decision by. However an extension to this date is sometimes agreed by the applicant or their agent and the planning team. See Agreed expiry date.

What is the difference between full and outline planning permission?

Essentially, the answer of outline vs full planning permission is in the separation of the details. The truth is the same amount of work and detail will have to go into an ‘outline + reserved matters’ application as into a ‘full application’.

How long should a planning notice be displayed?

5 weeksThe site notice must remain in place for at least 5 weeks from the date of receipt of the planning application. (Please note, nine days over Christmas, from 24 December to 1 January, are not taken into account when calculating the 5-week period). You must not start building before you receive the grant of permission.

Do you have to notify Neighbours permission for extension?

Extensions are also subject to similar regulations, and again if your neighbours planned work falls within the guidelines there is no legal need for him or her to ask your permission or seek planning permission.

Who should be informed of a planning application?

People who are informed of an application for planning permission may include: the parish or town council or other councils or council departments. occupiers of neighbouring properties. the Highway Authority.

How do I stop planning permission expiring?

In order to stop planning lapsing on a site with full planning you can either; Submit a Planning Renewal application – whereby you re-submit the original planning application, at one-quarter of the original fee price.

What is statutory consultation?

Statutory consultees are those organisations and bodies, defined by statute, which local planning authorities are legally required to consult before reaching a decision on relevant planning applications.

What is the determination deadline in planning?

The statutory determination period for validated planning applications, which local planning authorities should not exceed, is 8 weeks for straight-forward planning applications, 13 weeks for unusually large or complex applications, and 16 weeks if the application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

What do planning officers look for?

Planning officers can be involved in a wide range of developments, from small changes to private dwellings through to large infrastructure projects. They must have a good knowledge of the local community, legislation, environmental issues and social responsibilities. Their duties may include: Pre-application advice.

Can Neighbours oppose permitted development?

If you know a proposed development may restrict your neighbours right to light, even after planning permission has been granted or you are building under your Permitted Development rights, they have the right to oppose the extension being built.

How close to the boundary can I build an extension?

It can be challenging to understand the rules and regulations when it comes to boundaries with extensions. If you are planning to build any extension that is more than one story, you are restricted to no more than 3m beyond your rear boundary.

How do I do a consultation?

Here’s what I mean.Ask the right questions. A good consultation is all about the right questions being asked and answered. … Spend a lot of time listening. … Demonstrate your value. … Paint a picture of the future. … Don’t forget to close.

Is there a time limit on planning applications?

Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks, unless they are unusually large or complex, in which case the time limit is extended to 13 weeks. … If it cannot decide your application within eight weeks, it should obtain your written consent to extend the period.

Do Neighbours get notified of planning applications?

Notifying Neighbours Neighbour notification is required for applications for planning permission, planning permission in principle, and approval of matters specified in conditions. … The Council is required to notify those with an interest in “neighbouring land” of a planning application.

What are the 4 main forms of the consultative process?

There are four consultation options: full public, targeted, confidential and post-decision. Full public consultation is the appropriate level for all proposals unless there are compelling reasons for limiting consultation (such as market sensitivity). transparent and open to the public.

How long does the Planning Inspectorate take to make a decision?

These appeals will be about a decision the local planning authority (LPA) has made on a planning application….Planning (including listed building) appeals.Planning appealsStart date to decisionAverage time to decideInquiries29 weeks30 weeks2 more rows•Mar 27, 2019

Is it worth getting outline planning permission?

Short answer: yes. Adding planning permission to your home will typically increase its market worth. However, how much value this equates to can depend on a number of things.

What happens after outline planning permission is granted?

Once outline permission has been granted, you will need to ask for approval of the details (“reserved matters”) before work can start. These details will be the subject of a “reserved matters” application at a later stage. You can make an application for reserved matters online via the Planning Portal.

How long is outline planning permission valid for?

5 yearsHow long does outline planning permission last? Outline Planning Permission has a duration of 5 years usually; however, the time limited condition of any application can be bespoke. The first 3 years are generally the reseved matters period but the approval is valid for 5 years generally.