Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Inheritance?

What is the opposite of an heir?

Opposite of person who inherits possessions.





What is another word for inherited behaviors?

Inherited Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for inherited?geneticinbornhereditaryinheritablegeneticalheritableinnateinbredcongenitalnatural133 more rows

What is it called when something runs in the family?

Learn more. A particular disorder might be described as “running in a family” if more than one person in the family has the condition. Some disorders that affect multiple family members are caused by gene mutations, which can be inherited (passed down from parent to child).

What is it called when a story is passed down?

legend. a story passed down orally from generation to generation and popularly believed to have a historical basis.

What is another word for passed down?

What is another word for passed down?inheritedgeneticpassed-downtransferredpassed-onhanded-downchthonichomegrownlinealfamilial133 more rows

What does dominated mean?

verb (used with object), dom·i·nat·ed, dom·i·nat·ing. to rule over; govern; control. to tower above;overlook; overshadow: A tall pine dominated the landscape. to predominate, permeate, or characterize.

What is the opposite of gentle man?

Antonym of GentlemanWordAntonymGentlemanLadyGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the feminine of heir?

“The masculine name is the heir. So the feminine name is the heiress. Heir and Heiress are someone who gets the property of the deceased relative who is about to die soon.

What is inherited behavior?

Inherited behaviors are behaviors that are passed down genetically. Our genes control things like our hair type and color, our eye color, and our height—but we don’t usually think of them controlling our behavior. … These are our inherited behaviors.

What means inheritance?

Inheritance refers to the assets that an individual bequeaths to his or her loved ones after he or she passes away. An inheritance may contain cash, investments such as stocks or bonds, and other assets such as jewelry, automobiles, art, antiques, and real estate.

What is the meaning of passed down?

to give something to someone who is younger, less important, or at a lower level than you: The word being passed down from the leadership is that the polls are showing good results. pass down.

What is the opposite of inherited traits?

What is the opposite of inherited?incompleteunsubstantiatedunfinishedunfulfilled

What is the opposite word of inherited?

What is the opposite of inherit?bequeathfailbinneglectdispossesscandisinheritdumpbotchlet go26 more rows

What part of speech is dominant?

adjectiveadjective. ruling, governing, or controlling; having or exerting authority or influence: dominant in the chain of command.

What is another word for heir?

Synonyms forbeneficiary.inheritor.scion.successor.devisee.grantee.heritor.crown prince/princess.

What inherited means?

1a : to receive from an ancestor as a right or title descendible by law at the ancestor’s death. b : to receive as a devise or legacy. 2 : to receive from a parent or ancestor by genetic transmission inherit a defective enzyme.

What is the opposite of dominated?

Verb. ▲ (struggle) Opposite of to have power and influence over. struggle.

What is another name for dominant?

Some common synonyms of dominant are paramount, predominant, and preponderant. While all these words mean “superior to all others in influence or importance,” dominant applies to something that is uppermost because ruling or controlling.