Quick Answer: What Does Scrooge See When He Looks Out The Window?

What did Scrooge tell the boy to buy at the Poulterer’s?

He asks if the big prize turkey has been sold at the poulterer’s shop.

The boy tells him it is still there.

Scrooge orders the boy to have the man bring the turkey to his home, and if he does it in less than five minutes, he’ll give him a half crown.

Scrooge plans to send the turkey to Bob Cratchit..

Why did Marley’s ghost visit Scrooge?

Marley appeared to Scrooge because he wanted to help him make more of his life. Jacob Marley was Scrooge’s business partner. … When he sees Scrooge he explains why he became a ghost. He said it was because he had not been a better man during his lifetime.

What does Scrooge say when he sees his grave?

“Let me see some tenderness connected with a death,” said Scrooge; “or that dark chamber, Spirit, which we left just now, will be for ever present to me.”

Why does Scrooge give the knocker so much attention?

Marley had died seven years ago and had much the same qualities as Scrooge. He had been uncaring, selfish, and greedy, just like Scrooge. When Scrooge wanted to turn the key in the front door lock, his attention was drawn to the large knocker on the door.

What does Scrooge see when he visits the past?

As promised by Marley’s ghost, Scrooge is visited as the bell tolls one o’clock by the first of three spirits: the Ghost of Christmas Past. The apparition is ‘a strange figure’ seeming to be both an old man and child.

Why is it so dark in Scrooge’s house?

Hover for more information. Scrooge’s office is dark because he constantly tries to save money in being stingy with candles and coal. But Dickens is also using a classical binary opposition (light/dark) to symbolize good/evil.

What does Bah Humbug mean?

From bah (“interjection expressing contempt, disgust, or bad temper”) + humbug (“balderdash!, nonsense!, rubbish!”). The words were originally spoken by the miser Ebenezer Scrooge in the novella A Christmas Carol (1843) by English author Charles Dickens (1812–1870).

How does Scrooge finally realize who the dead man is?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. Scrooge discovers that the dead man is himself when he sees his name on the headstone. In A Christmas Carol, Stave 4, Scrooge is in denial. He has decided to reform himself, and he is actively looking for lessons.

What is Scrooge looking for when he goes room to room in his house?

Terms in this set (20) What is Scrooge looking for when he goes room to room in his house? Scrooge doesn’t believe the ghost is Marley until Marley removes a bandage.

What does Scrooge do after he finds out what day it is?

Scrooge awakes on Christmas Day He calls out of the window to a boy who tells him it is Christmas Day and Scrooge is delighted to find the spirits have done all their work in one night. … Then Scrooge goes to church and at last to his nephew Fred’s for Christmas dinner.

Who does Scrooge first think the spirit is showing him?

When the Ghost makes its appearance, the first thing it shows Scrooge is three wealthy gentlemen making light of a recent death, remarking that it will be a cheap funeral, if anyone comes at all. One businessman said he would go – but only if lunch is provided.

Which words of Scrooge’s does the spirit repeat back to him at the end?

When Scrooge asks if there are any resources available to help these children, the ghost repeats Scrooge’s words from Stave One: “‘Are there no prisons?” said the Spirit, turning on him for the last time with his own words.

Why does Scrooge say that Fred should not be happy?

In Scrooge’s view of the world, poor people (a group to which Fred and Cratchit would supposedly belong) have no cause for joy and do not deserve charity. They can go to established facilities such as prisons and workhouses.

What happened to Scrooge’s fiance?

Belle appears during the sequence where The Ghost of Christmas Past is showing Scrooge his past. Here, we see that Belle was Scrooge’s fiancée, but she eventually broke off their engagement due to Scrooge’s growing obsession with money.

How does Scrooge reveal that he thinks of himself more than he thinks of others?

How does Scrooge reveal that he thinks of himself more than he thinks of others? In stage one, Scrooge sees that his clerk in the other room is freezing because his fire is going out since he doesn’t have cole. Scrooge keeps the cole box for himself so that only he could be warm.

When Scrooge is back in his bedroom How does he react?

Terms in this set (10) How does Scrooge react when he realizes he is in his own room, his own bed, and that the curtains were not torn down? happy He laughed and cried with joy.

What is the last line of A Christmas Carol?

God bless us, Every one!The famous last words of the novel–“God bless us, Every one!”–conveys perfectly the fellow feeling and good cheer to which Scrooge awakens as his story unfolds and that A Christmas Carol so vehemently celebrates.

How does Scrooge try to keep himself calm when he talks with Marley’s ghost?

Hover for more information. Scrooge reacts with fear when he first encounters the ghost of his long-dead partner, Jacob Marley. … Scrooge is shaken by the apparition, but he unlocks the door, enters his house, and lights a candle. He examines the door before he closes it and tries to shake off his uneasiness.