Question: Where Can I Evaluate An International Degree In The US?

How do I evaluate my foreign degree?

If no specific credential evaluation service is recommended, you can search online to identify a credential evaluation service on your own, or you can consider using a credential evaluation service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International ….

How do I get an international degree accredited in the US?


Are foreign degrees recognized in the US?

There is no single authority in the United States for the recognition of foreign degrees and other qualifications. … State or territorial licensing boards, for individuals seeking to practice regulated professions in a jurisdiction of the United States and who are presenting degrees or other qualifications earned abroad.

Where can I evaluate my international transcript?

List of Transcript Evaluation Services for International…World Education Services, Inc. … Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., International Education Consultants. … International Education Research Foundation, Inc. … Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. … SpanTran: The Evaluation Company. … American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)More items…

How do you know if my degree is Recognised in USA?

How to Find out if an Online School is AccreditedStep 1: Check the School’s Website. … Step 2: Check the Accreditation Agency’s Website. … Step 3: Check the CHEA or US Department of Education’s Website.

How can I verify my high school diploma from another country?

Credential validation services require completion of an application form and submission of the foreign diploma or other credentials. Often, a certification document from the foreign education institution is required. Visit the service’s website to download forms and instructions or to complete the forms online.

How long does it take Wes to evaluate transcripts?

A Document-by-Document or Course-by-Course Evaluation takes about seven (7) business days after we receive, review, and accept all your required documents and fees. NOTE: A credential evaluation may take longer if additional verification or information is required.

Where can I evaluate my international high school diploma?

Foreign High School Diplomas and TranscriptsAmerican Education Research Corporation (AERC) Credential Evaluators (ECE) Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. ( ACEI)

Is a 3 year bachelor degree accepted in USA?

Undergraduate degree in the US is typically 4-years long and as such universities in the US have a 12+4 requirement for applying to masters. They do not consider a 3-year bachelor as a complete degree. … Equivalent degrees include international three-year bachelor degree programs.

Does Harvard accept 3 years?

Three-year degrees Ordinarily, only four-year bachelor’s degrees are considered acceptable for eligibility to our graduate program. Three-year degrees, including those earned from schools participating in the Bologna process, are considered on a case-by-case basis.

How can I validate my diploma in USA?

The first step that an immigrant (who is a college graduate) should take is to have his or her academic credentials evaluated. An institution accredited by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES : should examine all titles and certifications in order to verify their validity.

What is the equivalent of bachelor degree in USA?

The two types of bachelor’s degrees typically offered are B.A. degrees (Bachelor of Arts degrees) and B.S. degrees (Bachelor of Science degrees). If you choose to earn a B.A., the majority of your coursework will typically be in the arts, such as social sciences, humanities or fine arts. Students who earn a B.S.

Are foreign colleges accredited?

WSCUC currently accredits ten institutions of higher education based outside of the United States of America; one additional institution is currently seeking WSCUC accreditation.

Are German degrees recognized in USA?

Yes. If you have a degree from Germany (or virtually anywhere else), it will be recognized in the US.

Do European degrees work in the US?

Yes, European degrees are recognized in the USA. In Simple, If the university you are studying is in the QS Ranking List you hold most of the global opportunity. Even the university is not listed you don’t have to worry about it.

How do I transfer my diploma from another country?

If the school does accept foreign credits, you will likely be asked to provide some or all of the following documents:Official academic transcripts from the institution you attended.A formal English translation of your transcripts.A credential evaluation report.More items…•

How long does it take to evaluate transcripts?

about 2 weeksHow long does it take to receive a transcript evaluation? On average, most transcript evaluation companies take about 2 weeks to complete a general evaluation. Most course by course evaluations take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Can I get a job with a foreign degree?

Can you get a full-time job in the U.S.A. with a foreign undergraduate diploma? If you’re a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, no problem. You might have trouble convincing an employer that your degree is equivalent to that from a U.S. university, but you’re free to accept a job if offered.