Question: What Happens If You Drive Without NCT?

How often is an NCT?

two yearsThe National Car Test (the NCT) was introduced in 2000, since then all cars four years and older must undergo an NCT.

The NCT due date is calculated by reference to the date of first registration of the car, with tests due every two years for cars younger than 10 years..

Can you drive without NCT if you have it booked?

“This morning the Minister confirmed that motorists driving without an NCT cert will be fined and given penalty points, even if they have booked an appointment,” said Mr Dooley.

Can you tax a car without NCT?

The website of the NCT service stated yesterday: “Motor Tax Offices will not tax a car unless the owner produces an NCT Certificate as evidence that the car has passed its NCT.” … Anyone driving a car over four years’ old without an NCT could be fined up to ? 444.

Can I book an NCT?

All NCT bookings must be made online only. REMEMBER – If you wish to make an appointment for an NCT then please go to our on-line bookings which allows you to choose the test centre, time and date that suits you. … Check out your local NCTS centre Opening and Closing times.

Can u get points for no tax?

Do you get points on your licence for no road tax? No, the punishment for driving without road tax does not include penalty points on your licence. If you’re caught driving without valid VED, an automated letter and a fine will be sent to the address of the registered keeper of the vehicle, which is likely to be you.

Are NCT test centers open?

From Monday, 15 National Car Testing (NCT) service centres will reopen. These include Little Island and Blarney in Cork; and Northpoint 1 & 2, Deansgrange, and Fonthill in Dublin. The other centres open from Monday are Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Letterkenny, Athlone, Ballina, Naas, Drogheda, Derrybeg.

Are classic cars NCT exempt?

The good news for all you classic car enthusiasts is that private vehicles registered prior to 1980 are exempt from NCT testing. … In the event that your vehicle is being used in some sort of commercial capacity – there is no change to the test frequency and you must continue to have your vehicle tested annually.

Are NCT Cancelled?

The NCT testing system was suspended on 28 March 2020 as part of the Government response to COVID 19. All cars with a test due date on or after 28 March 2020 are being extended by 4 months.

Can the guards take your car for no NCT?

Driving a vehicle which does not have a current NCT certificate is an offence under Section 18 of the Road Traffic Act 1961. … 460/2011, a member of An Garda Síochána may seize a vehicle being used in a public place without proof of passing a road worthiness test.

What’s the penalty for no NCT?

It is an offence to drive a vehicle in a public place without a current NCT certificate. This applies to vehicles from the fourth anniversary of their first registration. The penalty for driving without an NCT certificate is a fine of up to €2000, and/or up to 5 penalty points and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months.

Are lifts fixed in NCT Centres?

The National Car Testing Service said 85 car testing lifts identified with defects will be repaired and back in service between now and the end of April. The repair programme will start on Monday 2nd March, with the repair time for each lift expected to be around two days.