Question: What Does A VP At Amazon Make?

How much does the vice president of Amazon make?

The typical Amazon Vice President salary is $188,091.

Vice President salaries at Amazon can range from $125,000 – $980,672..

What is a level 7 at Amazon?

Level 7 is mid-to-senior level at Amazon. I have known plenty of CTOs, VPs, and directors at other companies who ended up at Level 7 at Amazon. It’s what I call “job title deflation at Amazon.” However, the pay at level 7 is very competitive.

How much does a Level 7 make at Amazon?

Base Salary Ranges by LevelLevelRangeMedianL5$110,000 – $130,000$120,000L6$138,000 – $153,000$140,000L7$154,000 – $160,000$157,000

How much does a Level 4 at Amazon make?

Amazon Area Manager L4 Salaries. The typical Amazon Area Manager L4 salary is $56,694.

What level is a VP at Amazon?

Level 10Vice presidents are Level 10, while senior vice presidents are Level 11 and likely members of one of Amazon’s leadership teams, the S Team or the more newly created “D Team,” which oversees Amazon’s various digital efforts.

What do Amazon executives make?

Compensation by CompanyName And TitleTotal CashJeffrey P. Bezos Chief Executive Officer, DirectorTotal Cash $81,840Jeffrey A. Wilke CEO Worldwide ConsumerTotal Cash $175,000Andrew R. Jassy CEO Amazon Web ServicesTotal Cash $175,000Brian T. Olsavsky SVP and Chief Financial OfficerTotal Cash $160,0001 more row

How much does a VP of quality make?

How much does a Vice President of Quality make in the United States? The average salary for a Vice President of Quality is $162,076 per year in the United States.

What is the highest paying job at Amazon?

Amazon will hire 50,000 employees in New York and Virginia—here are 11 of the highest-paying positions at the companyPrincipal Technical Program Manager. … Principal Product Manager. … Senior Manager, Software Development. … Principal Software Engineer. … Senior Engineer Manager. … Principle Software Development Engineer.More items…•

Who is the richest CFO?

The five highest paid CFOs among the 500 largest U.S. public companies by revenue as of April 30.Safra Catz, Oracle Corp., $108.3 million.Ruth M. Porat, Alphabet Inc., $47.3 million.Luca Maestri. Apple Inc., $26.5 million.Michael Fleisher, Wayfair Inc., $23.6 million.John P. Nallen, 21st Century Fox Inc., $20.8 million.