Question: How Much Is Reyes Holdings Worth?

Who is the owner of Reyes Holdings?

Jude ReyesJude Reyes are majority owners and co-chairs of the $23.5 billion(sales) company.

Brother David “Duke” Reyes is the CEO of Reyes Beverage Group and owns a minority stake.

Brothers James and Tom are executives at Reyes Beverage Group while brother William is a director of Reyes Holdings..

Who are the Reyes brothers?

Founded in 1976 by two brothers, Chris and Jude Reyes, Reyes Holdings remains a family-run business to this day and is one of the largest privately-held companies in the country.

How are last names given?

A family name is typically a part of a person’s personal name which, according to law or custom, is passed or given to children from one or both of their parents’ family names. … That is still the custom or law in many countries. The surname for children of married parents is usually inherited from the father.

Who bought Reinhart Foodservice?

Reyes Holdings, L.L.C. has signed an agreement to sell Reinhart Foodservice, L.L.C. to Performance Food Group Company (PFG), headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, for $2 billion.

Is Martin Brower a good company to work for?

It’s a good company and a best industry in a work. … Martin brower was definitely one of the worst company I ever work for in my career. The management of the company needs to change.

Where are the Reyes brothers from?

Brother of Jude Christopher Reyes was born as Joseph Christopher Reyes in 1953. He has four children and lives in Hobe Sound, Florida. He is the Co-chairman of Reyes Holdings along with his brother Jude Reyes.

Does McDonald’s own Martin Brower?

Its divisions include McDonald’s distributor Martin-Brower, Great Lakes Coca Cola, Reyes Coca Cola, and beer distributor Reyes Beverage Group. The company is based in Rosemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

What does Reyes stand for?

Reyes is a Spanish word, usually used as a given name or Spanish surname. The literal translation into English is ‘kings’, but could also be translated as ‘royals’ or ‘royalty’. The Portuguese version of this surname is Reis.

Is Reyes a male or female name?

Reyes: It’s a boy! Since 1880, a total of 716 boys have been given the name Reyes while we have no record of any girls being named Reyes.

What is the origin of Pena?

Peña or de la Peña is a Spanish habitation surname. … The origin of the last name is in present-day Galicia, Spain. The Peñas lived, originally, near a cliff or rocky land. Records indicate that the name derives from the Spanish word peña meaning “rock,” “crag” or “cliff.”

How much does Martin Brower pay?

The average Martin Brower salary ranges from approximately $29,496 per year for Customer Service Representative to $88,775 per year for Company Driver. Average Martin Brower hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.73 per hour for Customer Service Representative to $25.10 per hour for Delivery Driver.