Question: How Do I Find Out If Someone Has Been Admitted To Hospital?

How do you find out if a friend is in the hospital?

If you ask for the person by name in a general hospital you can determine if the person has been admitted.

However, an individual may be in the ER and not yet admitted.

In free standing psychiatric facilities to say the person is there would be revealing protected health information..

Can my employer call the hospital to see if I was there?

If you’ve provided your employer with a “record” of your hospital visit, he can call to confirm it.

What does it mean if someone is admitted to the hospital?

People are admitted to a hospital when they have a serious or life-threatening problem (such as a heart attack). They also may be admitted for less serious disorders that cannot be adequately treated in another place (such as at home or in an outpatient surgery center).

What does it mean when a patient is admitted?

Definition: A patient who undergoes a hospital’s admission process to receive treatment and/or care. This treatment and/or care is provided over a period of time and can occur in hospital and/or in the person’s home (for hospital-in-the-home patients).