How Many Miles Does A Mini Cooper Usually Last?

Do Mini Coopers break down a lot?

In conclusion, Mini are an average brand when it comes to reliability.

They are neither the worst brand in the world for reliability nor are they shouting about how dependable their cars are.

Their repairs are quite costly, though, and this can bring the dependability down..

Is buying a used Mini Cooper a good idea?

While the Cooper is a reasonably reliable car overall, there have been a couple of problems with first-generation models. The most notable of these has been power steering failure, and this issue was especially evident in cars from the 2006 model year.

Are Mini Coopers safe in an accident?

IIHS Ratings for MINI Cooper The 2019 MINI Cooper 2 Door Hardtop received the highest possible “Good” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety across all tests when equipped with optional front crash prevention and specific headlights. The IIHS also named it a 2019 Top Safety Pick.

Is the Mini Cooper a reliable car?

In 2019, J.D. Power deemed the Mini Cooper as its most dependable compact car and ranked the Mini brand fourth overall for dependability. Four years prior, J.D. Power ranked the Mini as 28th out of 32 for reliability. J.D. Power’s rankings indicate that the Mini Cooper’s quality has significantly improved.

What’s wrong with the Mini Cooper?

One big issue that has become apparent in first generation Mini Coopers equipped with CVT transmissions is total transmission failure. This problem is realistically the result of the manufacturer stating the transmission of these vehicles does not require routine transmission fluid services.

Are Mini Coopers good in snow?

The MINI was a FWD car with automatic transmission, which is one of the best combinations for snow this side of an AWD vehicle. … An upgrade to a set of aggressive snow tires would have provided the MINI with even better traction. FWD cars usually handle snow and ice much better than a RWD vehicle.

Is it worth buying a Mini Cooper?

Is the Mini Cooper a Good Car? Yes, the Mini Cooper is a good subcompact car. It comes in three body styles – the two- and four-door Mini Hardtop and the Mini Convertible – and it’s fun to drive thanks to its punchy engines and adept handling.

Do Mini Coopers cost a lot to repair?

Cost. The average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Mini Cooper is $846, compared to an average of $456 for subcompact cars and $652 for all vehicle models.

What is considered high mileage for a Mini Cooper?

Had regular preventative maintenance. 150,000 km is towards the top end of expected average mileage. If its a 2006 model, its 9 years old and will obviously have wear and tear based on its age and how its been driven.

Which year Mini Cooper is the most reliable?

Best Year For Mini Cooper Reliability The MINI brand as a whole came in fourth over for outright dependability. MINI had made big improvements to move its self up the rankings over the 5 years prior to this improving over 20+ places. If you are buying a. 2019 MINI Cooper then they are deemed to be the most reliable.

Is the Mini Cooper expensive to maintain?

Mini Coopers aren’t the most expensive cars to purchase new, and with regular maintenance, depending on the type of driving you do, the cars are designed to last a long time. Mini Cooper maintenance costs are in line with other performance cars.

What is the best mini to buy?

The MINI Cooper Convertible is arguably the most stylish model in the MINI line-up. Boot space is compromised slightly but it’s a small price to pay for the smile that’ll be etched across your face as you drive around with the top-down when the sun is shining.

Are Mini Coopers good high mileage cars?

How reliable has your higher mileage MINI been? … *Edit: So it sounds like more bits need to be replaced earlier than SubaruHondaToyota, but as long as you take care of it you’ll be fine and MINI’s over 100k miles are not uncommon.

What year Mini Cooper should be avoided?

2005 – 2006 is the sweet spot most of the early problem are worked out by then and you end up with a more reliable ride in the end and go with 6 speed (S,r53) or 5 Speed (base,r50) Avoid the ones that are heavily modded can be slightly dangerous.