Do I Need A UVIP To Sell My Car?

Do I need a UVIP to sell a motorcycle?

Just for the record, you are supposed to, by law, provide the UVIP to the buyer of any used vehicle you are selling privately.

Not that this is a law that’s enforced, so make sure the buyer knows they will be on the hook for the cost of it..

Do you need a used vehicle information package to sell a car?

Do I Need A Used Car Vehicle Information Package? Yes. By law you must provide a UVIP to the buyer to complete the sale of your vehicle.

What is a Used Vehicle Information Package?

The Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) is a report containing a description as well as the Ontario provincial history of a pre-owned vehicle. … The seller of a vehicle in Ontario is required by law to provide the UVIP to a buyer when selling a used vehicle.

Is Carfax the same as UVIP?

When you buy a used car from a private seller, it is a good idea to get a vehicle history report from CarProof or Carfax. A vehicle history report is not the same as a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP). It contains information about: if the car has been damaged or in an accident.

Can you sell a car in Ontario as is?

Selling a car “as is” means you are selling in its current state. Once you transfer ownership to the buyer, it is the buyer’s responsibility. If something goes wrong with the vehicle, it’s up to the buyer to deal with it. The seller has no obligation once the sale is complete.

How do I sell my car to a dealership?

Here are a few tips if you’re considering selling to a dealership:Be realistic. … Know what your vehicle is worth. … Try KBB’s Instant Cash Offer. … Get your paperwork together. … Find a dealer that’s a good fit. … Look at dealer inventory. … Get several quotes. … Don’t take too long.More items…•

Do you pay tax on used car in Ontario?

Tax on used vehicles You do not pay sales tax to the seller. How much: In most cases, buyers pay 13% RST in Ontario. The amount is based on the purchase price or the vehicle’s wholesale value, whichever is greater. Appraisals: If the vehicle is 20 years old or older, you will require an appraisal.

Does a UVIP expire?

For how long is the UVIP valid? The package has no expiry date.

Does UVIP show accidents?

The UVIP contains extensive information about the car’s history, along with accidents that it has encountered in the past. If there was an entry in the UVIP that confirms that the car was actually a part of an accident, stay away from that car.

What does a UVIP contain?

How to order a used vehicle information package ( UVIP ) — it contains a description of a vehicle and its Ontario history. As the seller, you are legally required to provide this package to a buyer when you sell a pre-owned vehicle.

What is required for a safety in Ontario?

it must be inspected, certified and/or repaired by a specialized Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, licensed to conduct more in-depth, structural inspections (call the inspection station to confirm) you must get both a Structural Inspection Certificate and a Safety Standards Certificate from the inspection station.

What passenger vehicle means?

A passenger vehicle is a motor vehicle that is owned by the taxpayer (other than a zero-emission vehicle) or that is leased, and designed or adapted primarily to carry people on highways and streets. It seats a driver and no more than eight passengers.

Do you need a safety to transfer ownership in Ontario?

You will need to bring the following documents to a ServiceOntario centre: a completed Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Motor Vehicle in the Province of Ontario form. … your Ontario driver’s licence. Safety Standards Certificate (not required for spouse-to-spouse transfers)

How do you buy a car from a private seller in Ontario?

Steps to Take When Privately Buying a Used Vehicle in OntarioDo Your Research and Find a Suitable Vehicle.Test Drive, Check the Car, and Negotiate on Price.Get an Insurance and Choose Payment Option.Register and Take Possession of the Vehicle.

Does a car have to be Safetied to sell?

In a private sale, the inspection can be completed by either the buyer or seller, but it must take place before the ownership is transferred unless the buyer and seller agree in writing to transfer the vehicle as-is, in which case it needs to pass inspection before it can be registered.

What do I need to get a UVIP?

To order a UVIP you need:the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the licence plate number of the car.your Ontario driver’s licence number or registrant identification number (RIN), or.your name and address.

Can you sell a car not registered in your name?

However, while it is possible to sell a vehicle to some buyers with only a signed title, this is actually illegal and referred to as “skip titling.” Under the law, once you have a title signed by the original owner, you should title the car in your name officially through the state government.

How do you buy good used cars?

So we’ve created a list of steps to help make finding and buying your perfect used car a breeze.How Much Car Can You Afford?Build a Target List of Used Vehicles.Check Prices.Locate Used Cars for Sale in Your Area.Check the Vehicle History Report.Contact the Seller.Test-Drive the Car.Have the Car Inspected.More items…

How much is a UVIP in Ontario?

Used Vehicle Information Package Under Ontario law, private sellers of most motor vehicles must provide buyers with a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP). The UVIP costs $20 and is available from all Ministry of Transportation Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Offices.

How can I get proof of my car?

There are two ways to get a CarProof (CARFAX) report. The free way, and the fee way. You can get a free vehicle history report for every used vehicle available on All you have to do is contact the dealership selling the vehicle you’re interested in and ask for it!